Polyurethane Indestructible intakes

Polyurethane Indestructible intakes

Polyurethane Intake is built by manufacturer "Vezdehod" in motherland of jet boating of Russia- Siberia, using cutting-edge technologies and designed as indestructible substitute of original Outboard Jets part - water intake shoe, with function of protection of the outboard motor from getting into body of jet drive unit of large objects - branches, stones, algae and etc.  As well it has a shock absorbing function and prevent damage of jet drive unit when it hits underwater obstacles.

Crash-test  video : 


Vezdehod Intake is made of polyurethane with a hardness of 95-98 units according to Shore A. which has high abrasion resistance, wear resistance, dampens vibration well and retains its properties at temperatures from -60 to +110 degrees by Celsius.

Grill plates and washers are made of wear-resistant HARDOX 450 3.2mm steel.

The axis of the grill is made of spring steel with a diameter of 8 mm

The area of ​​the intake frame is much larger than its counterparts, which allows to reduce cavitation and, in case of partial clogging of the intake grid, continue to move without loss of power.

 The rear part (heel) of the water intake made thicker then standard, to increase wear resistance and increase cushioning properties, because mostly this part of intake is damaged by underwear obstacles.

 The lattice axes are more recessed into the body of the intake, which reduces the likelihood of a rupture of the material of the intake during bending of the axes.

 The axis of the grate is longer than the width of the intake, which also reduces the likelihood of rupture of the material of the intake by the edges of the axes during their bending.

 The length of the plates is more than analogues, which allows them to be placed deeper in the body of the intake, thereby increasing the area of ​​the support.

The width of the plates is more than analogues, which minimizes their bending in the longitudinal section.

 There are no gaps between the shape of the water intake and the grating plates, which helps to reduce impact loads on the grating axis.

 Embedded washers are made in the form of a crescent at once onto 3 mounting holes of the water intake and are poured into the body of the water intake, which makes it possible to fix the water intake to the body of the water jet nozzle with minimal compression of the body of the water intake in places of the threaded connection, and also significantly reduces the likelihood of separation of the water intake during operation from the water jet nozzle

 The thickness of the walls of the intake has been increased, which has increased its wear resistance

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